Best electric type pokemon in crystal

2020-04-01 05:47

There are a few electric type Pokemon you can get in ruby and sapphire and emerald like Electrike you can find a lot of them in New Mauville you can find Magnemite and Voltorb.Jul 29, 2001  Answers. Magneton is good. Electubuzz was cool. Electrode is decent (kanto power plant, level up a voltorb). If you have a silver or gold version, and a working game link cable (find one at a retro gaming store) trade your mareep into your crystal best electric type pokemon in crystal

Apr 05, 2018 Kadabra is an incredibly powerful Pokemon ingame thanks to strong Special Attack and Speed and a wide movepool consisting of the elemental punches (which, just in case you are unaware, can be bought in the Goldenrod Department Store). For actual Electric types, your best options are either Lanturn or Magneton, as sumwun states.

It is me who said Oh come on it is so obvious that electivire can win all the electric pokemon because it has the highest attack and it has it's ability that is motor drive that makes it really fast if you are using electric type moves to it and it makes it a big threat to your pokemon as brock said it in anime with PAUL'S ELECTIVIRE TOO and Dec 06, 2008 Answers. the best electric type in pokemon crystral would probably be: raikou, but he is one of the runners and may be a hassle to catch. A good electric type would be jolteon, you can get eevee from bill and just evolve it. Ampharos is also pretty decent. You can get it by evolving a mareep, which is pretty electric type pokemon in crystal Feb 10, 2009 Hey I was wondering what people think is the best pokemon for each type in Crystal, and also rate my team! make suggestions and changes for the pokemon and the moves, without trades: My Team (not

Apr 28, 2008  Pokemon Crystal Version Message Board. Raikou, the almost impossible to catch gerbal, is a good option if you cannot seem to get an eevee from Bill or a thunderstone. Over all Ampharos is the best. Sucks you cant trade. All you hippies who want world power by making peace, I won't stop you. All you people who get best electric type pokemon in crystal

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