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Sep 11, 2010 Where to get pokeflute on pokemon shinygold? Hey guys just asking where do I get the poke flute in pokemon shiny gold I can't go to other cities cause some rocks are blocking the way the only way is by waking up snorlax so where do I get the pokeflute? Follow. 3 answers 3.Where I can get the poke flute, Pokemon Gold Questions and answers, GameBoy pokeflute pokemon shiny gold

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A hacker named Zel who hacked Pokemon firered and Pokemon gold to create Pokemon shiny goldwhich is currently at a beta 5 stage, beta 6 will be comming out soon (the last beta will be beta 7 Apr 23, 2005 Where do you get the poke' flute? . Pokemon Gold Super Cheats Forumspokeflute pokemon shiny gold To get the poke flute in Pokemon firered, you have to rescue Mr. Fugi from the Pokemon tower in lavender city. The PokeFlute is not a separate item as it was in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and

Dec 27, 2008 How to get the Pokeflute in Pokemon Gold& Silver EVERY Bug Type Pokemon Lockstin& Gnoggin 1, 265, 030 views. 17: 21. Pokemon Gold and Silver Shiny Breeding Guide and Egg pokeflute pokemon shiny gold Nov 22, 2007 Pokeflute in Pokemon Gold? MAIN POINT: I did what it written but I still cant wake snorlax up because I dont have the radio in my pokegear. What should I do? I COPY THIS FROM OTHER QUESTION: first, you have to solve the problems in the power plant, (the stolen generator). . go to the power plant (where in

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