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2020-04-04 16:54

Calem put one hand on Shauna's back and lifted himself and her off of the ground. Afterwards, he pulled her in for another kiss. That's when Ash realized something. I hate to disturb you, Calem, but I think I might've figured out your issue with your training, he said, catching the other boy's attention.FanFiction unleash Oh, sorry, it's Calem. I forget to name myself sometimes, Calem sheepishly admitted, rubbing the back of his head. Alright, then the battle between Ash and Calem will be allowed to commence! Clemont finished his obligatory introduction to the battle as both sides selected a pok ball, Pikachu pouting a little at calem pokemon fanfic

(Calemx OC) Luna is now 14 years old and moved away from Kanto and back to Kalos, the region she hasn't visited since she was a child. On her first day there she meets 4 new friends, Shauna, Calem, Trevor, and Tierno and of course all her Pokemon friends.

Read Calem x reader from the story Pokemon boys x reader by samtatoe55 (Samtatoe5) with 6, 224 reads. cute, fanfiction, green. This was also requested by Cather Hello, my name is Calem, I live in Santalune City. I'm beginning my Pokemon journey and this is my story. Calem. I walked to my friends house next door. Hey, Calem! I got some Pokemon! You can choose one! Will it be Froakie, Chespin, or Fennekin? Pokemon Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Sitecalem pokemon fanfic Read Chapter 18 Calem and Gold's first battles from the story Sancturary ( Pokemon FanFic) by ShadowTrainer with 100 reads. wattys2014, pokemon, sancturary. Al

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