Pokemon emerald lp ep 1

2020-03-29 04:25

Apr 02, 2014 Today we arrive in Littleroot Town and get prepared for our adventure! We begin by picking our partner and nickname him Katara! From there we proceed to help Professor Birch, and battle our RivalSign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue pokemon emerald lp ep 1

Jul 25, 2011  I finally did it! I uploaded my first GodTube LP! In this episode, we meet Torchic, our first Pokemon. : D And that's about it XD Let's Play Pokemon Emerald (Blind) Part 1: Torchic In this episode, we meet Torchic, our first Pokemon

Pokemon Emerald Ep. 19 Backtracking to Petalburg: via. Hayashi Pokemon Emerald LP is up on my channel with the Return of Nappy the Mudkip: ) Desai Pokemon Emerald The Secret Side Task The sick girl. Yamasaki Kyogre! the legendary pokemon in pokemon sapphireruby and emerald! Feb 17, 2014  Pokemon: Emerald Randomizer Ep. 1. 5 years ago 82 views. Jason Chavez. Follow. Today we start a Pokemon Emerald Randomizer! What is a randomizer you ask? Playing through a Pokemon Randomizer justpokemon emerald lp ep 1 Mar 29, 2006 Pokemon Emerald by Chorocojo. Began on Mar 29, 2006; Ended on May 31, 2006; This LP has 84 parts. Added to the archive on May 28, 2007 If you liked this LP, you might also like Pokemon Crystal by Chorocojo, Pokemon Quartz by Zorak and Resident Evil 4 by The Dark Id. Table of Contents Thread 1. Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4;

Apr 13, 2019  Hey! ! Welcome to my FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! ! This one is special, because Pokemon Emerald was the first pokemon game that I ever played, back when i pokemon emerald lp ep 1 Let's Play Pokemon Emerald by Chorocojo Part 2. Part# 1 Part# 3 Return to LP Index. Part 2 Well that was an opportune time for a power outage. Goddamn Magnemites Ok, aaaaanyway And HulkaMatt was right, you don't get to name your rival in RubySapphireEmerald. Could of

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