Gts glitch pokemon black

2020-03-28 17:47

Ok, so a few days ago, I encountered a random GTS Glitch. I got random Pokemon after I used PokeGen, a REALLY complicated application. So I can't tell you EXACTLY how I did it.For Pokemon Black Version on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled gts glitch . gts glitch pokemon black

List of glitches in Generation V. From Bulbapedia, the communitydriven Pokmon encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. This is a list of glitches that occur in the Generation V core series Pokmon games. Contents. 1 Black and White. 1. 1 GTS morphing glitch; 1. 2 GTS search glitch; 1. 3 GTS Trainer display glitch. GTS freeze glitch; 1

Hi everyone! My friend encountered a bizarre glitch after starting a new save file in either Pokmon Black or White (not sure which one, sorry). Whenever he opened the GTS, he recieved a random Pokmon, with the same graphics as recieving a Pokmon from a trade playing. However, the GTS WiFi GTS glitch cheats for Pokemon White 2. 1 Comments Bookmark. Rate this cheats: 0 0 WiFi GTS glitch. This works in Black 2. On a dsi, dsiXL(don't know about 3ds), go to 'settings' and then Internet. Go to Connection settings and Advanced setup. Pick a connection and change settings. Go to where it says AutoObtain DNS and then No.gts glitch pokemon black Mar 17, 2011 In pokemon diamondpearl there was a glitch where if you would put a pokemon that evolved by trading up for trade on the GTS then traded another completely different pokemon on the GTS, when you would withdraw the first pokemon you put up for trade it would evolve even though it was never traded itself.

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