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Pokmon Platinum ( Pocket Monsters Platinum) is the third game of Generation IV, after the Pokmon Diamond and Pearl Versions. The version mascot is Giratina, which appears in its Origin Form. The game was officially announced by Nintendo on May 15, 2008. The Japanese version was released on September 13, 2008.This is a list of Pokmon in the order dictated by the National Pokdex, meaning that Pokmon from the Kanto region will appear first, followed by those from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola. Each region's set of Pokmon starts with its own set of starter Pokmon and their evolutions, going in order of Grass, Fire, Water; the only exception is Unova, which begins with Victini pokemon platinum pokedex wiki

Pokmon Platinum was the fourth bestselling game worldwide in the third quarter of 2008, selling approximately 1, 482, 000 copies. In the third quarter of 2009, Pokmon Platinum sold more than 2 million copies. In North America and PAL regions, Pokmon Platinum had sold a combined 3. 75 million copies as of May 7, 2009.

The native Sinnoh Pokdex in Pokmon Platinum expands upon that from Diamond& Pearl, with 210 total Pokmon listed. It adds Rotom, Giratina, the whole Eevee line and new evolutions for older Pokmon like Dusknoir and Tangrowth although it still omits some Sinnoh legendaries. The Pokmon franchise revolves around 812 fictional species of collectible monsters, each having unique designs and skills. Conceived by Satoshi Tajiri in early 1989, Pokmon are creatures that inhabit the fictional Pokmon World. The designs for the multitude of species can draw inspiration from anything, such as inanimate objects, realworld animals, or mythology.pokemon platinum pokedex wiki Shiny Pokedex last post @ May 3, 2017 Looking for Sinnoh Shiny Pokemon last post by @ Mar 1, 2015 Shinies for Help With National Pokedex last post by @ Aug 16, 2014 Favourite Shiny only found within Hoenn Pokdex last post by @ Feb 23, 2010 Has anyone completed info on the Sinnoh Pokdex? last post by @ Sep 14, 2008

Platinum Series HGSS Series BW Series B2W2 Series XY Series ORAS Series SM Series Anime The Origin of Mewtwo Mewtwo Strikes Back The Power of One Spell Of The Unown Mewtwo Returns Celebi: Voice of the Forest Pokmon Heroes Jirachi Wish Maker Destiny Deoxys! Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Pokmon Ranger& The Temple of the Sea! The Rise of pokemon platinum pokedex wiki Pokmon Platinum is the third game in the Diamond& Pearl series. It is for the Nintendo DS. The star Pokmon is Giratina, in it's exclusive Origin Form which replaces Dialga& Palkia as the main Pokmon that is hunted by Team Galactic& captured at the Spear Pillar.

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