Iphone 3g restricted network no service

2020-04-01 15:38

Jan 06, 2017 Still no luck. My iphone got activated and I do see message that my phone is unlocked. Now, I enbaled the cellular data This means that I can run my device on Edge service. Can not use 3G. If I trying to enable the 3G then again looses the signal and showing no service. Thanks. No Service Restricted Network More Less. Apple Footer.Iphone 34 showing restricted network. My phone will not connect to the t mobileeurope network, it says i have restricted network access but no service, how do i fix this? My htc amaze by tmobile is having network problem. i am in ghana and every network sim card i put into the i get restricted access changed ? iphone 3g restricted network no service

Iphone 3g with IOS unlocked for free by O2 (confirmed on Itunes with reboot and sync). Iphone shows 'No Service Still has O2 settings despite network reset. Carrier is shown as 02 7. 0 (in SettingsGeneral About). On reset following message appears on reboot: Restricted Network Your selected network is restricted.

Restricted network on iphone 4 after been unlocked. I have just bought a new sim card in turkey. however after unlocking it says no service and that the selected network is restricted. i have iphone3gs? My tablet reliance v9c i dont know sim network unlocking pinmy imei no plz gave me sim network unlocking pin? Feb 10, 2011 How to fix No Service on iPhone tested 100 (Ali Parvin) iphone 3g No Service Grey No Wifi& Grey No Bluetooth Fix! ! ! Restricted Mode: Off History Helpiphone 3g restricted network no service May 10, 2013 How to Fix Network Error, No Service or Invalid Sim iPhone 5 4S 4 3GS how to unlock any network SIM Not Supported iPhone 100 FIX How to fix No Service or Searching. 13GS AND 4S

Jan 22, 2009 Iphone 3G after unlocking still NO Service. hi. . i have 2 iphone 3g 16gb. i tried everything, , i restore phone with 2. 2 after that i use quickpwn. . phone reads network. . but says. . your network is restricted. . im from south africa and using MTN and VODACOM network. . can anybody please help me. . to fix. these 2 phones. . thanks iphone 3g restricted network no service Some iPhone 4 owners have reported losing their cellular network connection on the device after removing and reinserting the phone's SIM card. Other users have experienced restricted network Mar 22, 2019  How To Fix No Service On iPhone The Easy Way When iPhone says no service it means you cant use it for the basic things, such as texting, calling, and using mobile data. The only way to access the Internet is by connecting to a WiFi network. You wont be My 4s Apple iPhone went into a searching and no service mode today. I contact my carrier att diagnostics were ran nothing happened. I was advised to go to an att retail store and have them insert a new sim, I did that. No service and searching continued. The att rep advised me to take to an Apple Store. I did not instead I went home. Jun 30, 2011 No service Restricted network Unlocking Activating You are Unregistered, please User Name: Remember Me? Password: Notices: Welcome to the SiNfuL iPhone Forums! You are currently viewing the forum as a guest. Please Login if you are already a member or iPhone 3Gs 16GB iPhone 4 16GB iPad 3GWifi 32GB iPad 2 3GWifi 32GB Carrier

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