Network connection failed virgin mobile

2020-04-01 02:21

Re: Virgin Mobile No Internet Connection, No Customer Service I am having a similar problem since about 10 this morning. No data, can't send texts, can't call (everytime I do it says your account could not be validated ), can't connect to virgin mobile through the app.After waiting 5 hours, no network was detected by my phone and I am still unable to sendreceive text or telephone calls. My Internet service is 4 bars and I can connect to the Internet. I spent more than two hours on the phone with Virgin Mobile support from Mexico and the Philippines last evening. network connection failed virgin mobile

Mar 30, 2019  Hi, I have been experiencing this problem ever since my phone was blocked by vodacom due to theft, I have it back now. The problem I am experiencing is slightly different, I am not registered on a network and cant SMS or make phone calls, but it gives me a data connection I have 4G, but if I move around I need to go to settings connectionsmobile networks and select 3G and swap back to

Look for Data Network: Data Network is in the Passed section: Your phone is connected to the Virgin network. Data Network is in the Failed or Flagged section: Update the Data Profile. From Device Diagnostics, tap Data Network. Tap Update Profile. After the update is complete, tap OK. If you are unable to connect and BIS was activated, try the following: Your phone is showing GSM, GPRS, EDGE or 3 Make sure your data connection is active by following these steps: Go to your home screen Manage Connections Check the Mobile Network box Select Network and Connections Select Mobile Network Data Services should be turned ONnetwork connection failed virgin mobile PLANS& SERVICES. Learn about all the no annual contract plan options from Virgin Mobilejust use the menu to the left to find what you need. You can also

New 4G SIM, But No Data Connection but now I don't have any data connection. I've set the preferred network to 3G on the Pixel as the refresh date on my plan is 5 December, checked the APN settings, but I still don't have any data connection. Go to Settings More Mobile Networks Access Point Names and check if there is a Virgin network connection failed virgin mobile Virgin Mobile No Service Currently Available messages to send without charging me. Frank I haven't had any signal I'm on virgin 7am now 6pm. No Service Virgin Mobile. Please no progress. Anw, when I put my brother simcard in my mobile where my simcard or apology on Virgin website! Virgin Mobile No Network Connection and online chat not working. Why can't my iphone for virgin mobile iphone access the internet or transmit mms? Well in my second month with vm my internet and mms suddenly stopped working so i called vm and they told me nothing was wrong so i switched my phone for a new one and it took them three days to activate it and now i'm still having the same problem i'm wondering if anyone else are having these issues and how to Network connection failed virgin mobile. My nokia pc suite is not compatible with my acer atom aod255 note book, so i am not able to connect internet connection with my nokia phone 7320? How to connect nokia c505 with computer via data cable for internet through ovi suite? Mobile network connection failed Nov 21, 2012 I tried calling virgin mobile and they restarted some stuff but it still doesn't work. She said shed call me back in a few days but if not to call them. But I wanna get the virgin mobile iPhone soon and I dont even know if I can if I wont have internet on my phone

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