Computer networks gateway

2020-04-01 16:26

Sep 03, 2017 A gateway router is a router that is on the edge of an enterprise, customer, building or other geographical collection of LAN users. Large customers may have additional routers internally or externally, andor could have multiple gateway routers.Oct 13, 2017 A gateway is a networking device that connects two networks using different protocol. computer networks gateway

Gateway (computer networking) Jump to navigation Jump to search. In computer networking and telecommunications, a gateway is a component that is part of two networks, which use different protocols. The gateway will translate one protocol into the other. A router is a special case of a gateway.

A default gateway is used to allow devices in one network to communicate with devices in another network. If your computer, for example, is requesting an internet webpage, the request first runs through your default gateway before exiting the local network to reach the internet. An easier way Dec 12, 2018 Gateways as Protocol Converters. Gateways are network protocol converters. Often the two networks that a gateway joins use different base protocols. The gateway facilitates compatibility between the two protocols. Depending on the types of protocols they support, network gateways can operate at any level of the OSI networks gateway On the other end, the computer that controls all of the data traffic your Internet Service Provider (ISP) takes and sends out is itself a node. When a computerserver acts as a gateway, it also operates as a firewall and a proxy server. A firewall keeps out unwanted traffic and outsiders off a private network.

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