Applied energistics 2 wireless network

2020-04-04 16:07

The Wireless Receiver is an item added by the Applied Energistics 2 mod. An antenna used to broadcast and receive ME Network data remotely. Used to craft wireless ME devices.ME Network. The main feature of Applied Energistics 2 is the ME Network ( pronounced EmmEee and stands for Matter Energy ), which is a set of connected blocks, and cables grouped into a system, where storage, power and functions cooperate between multiple components. applied energistics 2 wireless network

Adds the ability to use a ME Wireless Access Terminal with your ME Network. This block has a very limited range of 32 blocks by default, but can be boosted to twice that with Wireless Booster. . This block is required to use the ME Wireless Access Terminal. Recipe

After you linked up the Wireless Terminal in the ME Security Terminal, it grants a portable access to the ME Network. Put it into a Charger to recharge it. . Holds 1. 6m AE in its battery and drains 1 AEt for each block you are away from the nearest ME Wireless Access Point. applied energistics 2 wireless network

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