Mobile network not working on htc wildfire

2020-03-30 01:22

Apr 03, 2013 I bought a HTC wildfire S locked to the 3 network in Uk and had it unlocked. Everything was fine except the data gprs did not work. Meaning I could not access mobile internet connection nor get the settings sent to my phone for any other network.Jun 25, 2012 My HTC wildfire S Mobile will not connect to HTC Sync why? Answered by a verified Android Device Expert I have managed to get one working but not the others; 3, 464 satisfied customers. Hi, I have an XT Mobile Network HTC HTC Wildfire S A510b. The. Hi, I have an XT Mobile Network HTC HTC Wildfire S A510b. The screen has frozen and won mobile network not working on htc wildfire

Yesterday my mobile internet stopped working properly on my phone I can switch it on, and it clearly has a little bit of connection, as I get notifications to tell me how many updates are available from the play storenotifications from the facebook ap etc (I assume these are things that don't use very much data? )

Setting up HTC Sync to recognize HTC Wildfire S 133 Getting to know the workspace 133 4 Contents. task or to get a feature to work properly. This provides safety precaution information, that is, information that you need to be your mobile network and extreme temperature make the battery work harder. No network on htc wildfire. cannot get a signal on my htc wildfire, tried going into settings but will not let me select mobile networks? Cannot get a signal on my htc wildfire phone, tried going into setting but will not give my the option to turn on or select moble network not working on htc wildfire Nov 07, 2010 HTC Wildfire: : Mobile Internet Not Working (ORANGE) Nov 7, 2010 Purchased a HTC Wildfire the other week and i didn't know it was contracted to 3 network so i paid to unlock it so i could put my orange SIM inside it.

Mar 06, 2011 Hi, I just purchased a new HTC wildfire and i can't get the mobile internet to work. I am on orange, the phone is a vodafone phone as it displays the vodafone logo on start up, but the phone is unlocked as my orange sim card works in it. mobile network not working on htc wildfire Dec 05, 2011  MOBILE NETWORK PROBLEM WITH MY HTC WILDFIRE S? Since afternoon I have been trying to connect to the internet through my wildfire s but its just not working. When I touch on the tick box next to the MOBILE NETWORK option from the dropdown bar on the homescreen, it just does not I am trying to play a sound, and flash the backlight of android phone using notification manager. I have used the following code. All the required permissions are there in the manifest file. But I am not sure why this is not giving any notification in emulator or in the device (htc wildfire). If you know any feasible solution please let me know Sep 25, 2010 Sep 25, 2010. I recently bought a Telstra HTC Wildfire and unlocked it by code to use my 3 SIM card on it. However, after unlocking my mobile, when I choose the option use phone for data connection when wifi is unavailable it doesn't work. Sep 19, 2011 i have htc wildfire s mobile pay monthly, i pay for my data connection, but the network do not work, at the same place my friends blackberry vodafone is work really good im on three, the network works at home, and some other places but not at my work place, but my friends blackberry phones works at my work place. .

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