Information diffusion network

2020-03-30 01:51

ful network must be sufciently connected. More surprisingly, we nd that information diffusion can fail even in strongly connected networks. A series of examples demonstrates how failures of diffusion can result from agents having substantially different information about the network. In one case, diffusion fails in a well connected networkinformation diffuses on networks path is influenced by structure measured network is influenced by diffusion different interestsproducts bring people together incentives can modify social network structure positively (new connections) negatively (weakening existing connections) information diffusion network

In this paper, we focus on information diffusion through social networks. Based on the wellknown Independent Cascade model, we embed users of the social network in a latent space to extract more robust diffusion probabilities than those defined by classical graphical learning approaches.

Information Diffusion in Mobile Social Networks: The Speed Perspective Zongqing Lu y, Yonggang Wenzand Guohong Cao yThe Pennsylvania State University, zNanyang Technological University yfzongqing, [email protected] psu. edu, [email protected] edu. sg AbstractThe emerging of mobile social networks opens opportunities for viral marketing. This study examines information diffusion and the follower network among a group of Sina Weibo users interested in homeowner associations. Using social network analysis techniques, this paper explores the network structure, the formation of follower relations and information diffusion. It reveals that microblogging is an important online platform because it can conveniently and inexpensivelyinformation diffusion network Uncover TopicSensitive Information Diffusion Networks examples of outdoor equipment promotions and political campaign messages. Another more quantitative example can be found in Figure 1, where we examine a pair of media sites from the MemeTracker dataset [4, 9 and plot the tted Rayleigh models to the transmission time of three types

Although the topology of each information diffusion can be regarded as a particular network, the essential differences lie in that information diffusion may be participated by a small set of users (compared to the entire network) and it highly depends on user preferences on the diffused items. information diffusion network Apr 15, 2018  Instead, we will explore whether the SVFR information diffusion on a social network model with tunable parameters and could reproduce the three key features of the WeChat cascade trees: the size distribution, the average path length and degree variance in relation to the tree size. The distribution of the sizes of the cascade trees is a Keywords: Diffusion of innovations, Information cascades, Information diffusion, External inuence, Twitter, Social netw orks. 1. INTRODUCTION Networks represent a fundamental medium for the emergence and diffusion of information [23. For example, we often think of information, a rumor, or a piece of content as being passed over the Abstract: With the increase of social networking websites and the interaction frequency among users, the prediction of information diffusion is required to support effective generalization and efficient inference in the context of social big data era. However, the existing models either rely on expensive probabilistic modeling of information diffusion based on partially known network Internal diffusion is the spread of information and innovations within a network, flowing within a single adopting population a given industry or geographical network. Internal diffusion dynamics require that innovative and early adopter firms introduce new ideas into a network, which are then picked up by the majority of firms and laggard

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