Network shared folder not accessible

2020-04-04 15:11

Mar 12, 2019 Hi, I have created a shared folder on the C: drive of my Windows 10 machine. When trying to access it through the network from a windows 8 machine, i receive the following response: Windows cannot Shared folder on Windows 10 machine not accessible from Windows 8 machine And to share a personal folder in Network or HomeGroup you have toYou might not have permission to use this network resource[ I know I have permission because I've always been able to access the folder, plus I still can from other computers. Same for my coworker (though the folder he is accessing is different than the folder I am accessing). I'm the file server administrator, so I'm the one who would network shared folder not accessible

I have a network file share folder available from one server on the network (running Zentyal 3. 4Ubuntu 13. 10). I can access that shared folder from all of the computers on the network, except for one that says the folder is not accessible. This one computer is running Windows Server 2008.

Dec 15, 2011 Shared drive on server is configured on user PC via map network drive. User not able to access the drive. He could open the shared folder via network places. This is happening only on some users PC. Anybody please help me to troubleshoot this. regards Shemy Hi, Based on my understanding that you mapped the two drive manually on the client by right Oct 10, 2012 Hello, I'm having an issue sharing folders between two computers both running windows 7. The computers see each other on the network and the Public folder is accessible but when I try to share a folder from another user account the folder shows up on the network but is not accessible. It gives me a Network& Sharingnetwork shared folder not accessible Aug 10, 2015 Cannot access shared network drive On my desktop (AKA S4, currently running Win8. 1 x64 pro) I have shared out four of the hard drives with full permissions. Also can the the Win 8 access any Win 10 shared folders? I turned off AV (Kaspersky Total) on both systems still could not access. I cannot access anything on S4 (win8. 1) from the

Jul 13, 2016 Recently colleagues of mine have not been able to access any of the shared folders on my workstation. When they attempt to do so through Network (from Windows 7) they see the following message Whilst colleagues cannot see my shared folders they are setup exactly as they were when they were accessible (and I have not made any changes in network shared folder not accessible Apr 05, 2018 I can access that shared folder when using the IP, but not the server's name. I tried all the suggestions above. There are already connections to the server. A shared printer and another shared network drive that maps to another shared folder on the same server. these may correspond to the two results to that server from the netstat b command.

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