Plenum rated network cable

2020-04-01 14:45

Mar 08, 2017 1000ft Cat6 Plenum CMP Rated with 23AWG Solid Conductor Ethernet Cable. UPC: 1000ft Cat6 Plenum cable with the 23AWG eight solid wires is ideal for highend solutions such as Gigabit Ethernet, 1. 2Gbps ATM, and broadband video.Plenum rated Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A ethernet cables are fire safety rated for use in air plenum spaces above suspended ceilings or below raised floors. Commonly referred to as CMP. Available in bulk lengths, shielded, and unshielded. plenum rated network cable

CAT6 550Mhz Ethernet Cable Plenum Rated Orange Made In USA 235. 00 As low as: 228. 00. Cat6 Ethernet Cable 550MHz, 23AWG, UTP, 4 Pairs, Solid Bare Copper, 1, 000ft. Pull Box, Plenum rated. SKU: POR. FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.

Any cable that you run through plenum spaces must be plenum rated, even wiring used for information transfer, like Cat5 wiring. Also worth mentioning are accidental plenum spacesall it takes is a leaky duct to make any open space a plenum, and it happens more than you might think. Plenum cable. Plenum cable is jacketed with a fireretardant plastic jacket of either a lowsmoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer ( FEP ). Polyolefin formulations, specifically based on polyethylene compounding had been developed by at least two companies in the early to mid1990s; however,plenum rated network cable Cable that is run in the plenum spaces of buildings. In building construction, the plenum (pronounced PLEHnuhm) is the space that is used for air circulation in heating and air conditioning systems, typically between the structural ceiling and the suspended ceiling or under a raised floor. The plenum space is typically used to house

75 Foot Cat6 UTP Plenum CMP Rated Ethernet Patch Cable in Blue or White by Custom Cable Connection (75 Foot, White) 48. 00 48. 00. 9. 01 shipping. C2G Rapidrun Optical Runner Cable, Plenum, OFNPRated, Black (50 Feet, 15. 24 Meters) 246. 39 246. 39 349. 99 349. 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Mar 29. plenum rated network cable This is whether or not the cable to be used will need to be plenum rated or NonPlenum rated. When we refer to cable as plenum or nonplenum we are not talking about the cable itself. The plenum rating that we are talking about actually refers to the jacket that surrounds the cable. Telling the difference between cables is easy. A plenumrated cable will have a P in its rating (CMP is plenum communications cable, and its what you want for Ethernet applications), a riser cable will have an R in its rating (such as CMR) and standard cables wont be labeled with either letter. Cart is Empty. Plenum rated cable has a special insulation that has low smoke and low flame characteristics. Plenum cable is mandated to be installed in any air handling space. For example, most large office buildings use the ceiling to return air to the AC unit. When wiring premises with Category 6 (Cat6) gigabit Ethernet cables, plenumrated cabling should be used in certain areas for fire safety purposes; in other areas, nonplenum cables are adequate. What is a Plenum? The word plenum refers to the space above a drop ceiling and below the structural ceiling, or sometimes under a floor.

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