Misuse of social networking

2020-03-28 18:10

Social media is being misused nowadays, not by office staff only, but by most of people in the world. Social media is a great communication tool to help businesses connect with their customers allEven though social networking sites keep people connected and have many other great uses, there are also some disadvantages and ways these sites can be misused. However, social networking sites have become an established part of everyday life for many people, and they aren't going away anytime soon. misuse of social networking

Sep 28, 2015 Undue Use and Misuse of Social Media. The social media space was soon full of hate and revenge messages against Hindu migrants living in South India, which spread panic and soon there was mass exodus of people from the North East, who were forced to return back to Assam and other Northeastern states.

Nov 19, 2016  Misuse of social media. This is because all social networking sites involve placing personal information on the internet, and it's possible for people in almost all corners of the world to see that information. There are privacy settings for these sites, but How Social Networking Abuse Occurs. There are, of course, more complicated technical ways such as hacking into user accounts, accessing email address books and finding and posting fake pictures so the abuser appears as someone he or she is actually not. Regardless, abuse happens when people lie and unfortunately, it is becoming more common as social networking sites begin to grow.misuse of social networking Social Butterflies: The Use and Misuse of Social Networks. While theres nothing wrong with being well liked by others, an unhealthy obsession with popularity can lead to bullying, susceptibility to substance abuse, deviant behaviors to win peer acceptance, and low selfesteem.

Transcript of MISUSE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING. 1. Social networking can affect your college applications! My plan is to instruct students on how to use social media to benefit them in the future. Social networking also has a large influence on your future career. misuse of social networking

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