Ssohpkc pokemon points

2020-03-30 05:53

Seamus 'SSoHPKC' O'Doherty (YouTube name SSoHPKC) is a YouTube video game player known in the gaming community for the massive amounts of uploading he does. He will often fall just short of uploading one dozen videos per day and even has a program which does the uploading for him should he be unable to meet his usual amount by his own hand.If you don't have time to watch the whole thing (or don't want to) I'll try to summarize the major points: I got to a pretty meh place mentally in late 2014 that carried over into 2015 and dealt ssohpkc pokemon points

Points, players must have a registered Player ID attached to their Pokmon Trainer Club account and must opt in to the Play! Pokmon program. Pokmon TCG Championship Points Tables. Championship Points will be used to determine various awards during the 2019 Championship Series season, including invitations to the Pokmon World Championships.

Play! Points reward Pokmon TCG and video game players for simply doing what they love: playing Pokmon. Players earn Play! Points at every sanctioned Pokmon tournament or League season they participate in. Larger events such as Championship Series competitions award even more Play! Points. ssohpkc pokemon points

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