Pokemon feraligatr vs typhlosion

2020-04-01 18:09

Apr 25, 2010 Boards Gaming Individual Gaming Boards Pokemon Typhlosion, Feraligatr, or Meganium? Typhlosion, Feraligatr, or Meganium? Now my Meganium is the highest level at 70 then Feraligatr atAug 30, 2009 Typhlosion vs Feraligtr Thunderpunch from CScarfTyphlosion does 35. 22 41. 51 to a standard DDGatr. Waterfall from Standard DDGatr (before a single DD) does 103. 70 121. 89 to that very same Typhlosion. Feraligtr vs Meganium Energy Ball from Standard Support Meganium does 65. 09 76. 73 to DDGatr. pokemon feraligatr vs typhlosion

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Jul 19, 2010 Feraligatr is generally deemed the better of the two. Typhlosion is a great pokemon, especially for ingame, but its movepool is viewed as too shallow to use competitively and it's thrown into the NU tier. But if you're just looking for a starter, go for whatever you like more. Anything works ingame. Dec 22, 2012 Typhlosion vs Raikou ( AMV ) Pokemon GC BlueYei. Loading Unsubscribe from GC BlueYei? Cancel Unsubscribe. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: VS All Tapu Legendariespokemon feraligatr vs typhlosion Feraligatr is the water type starter of gen 2. As i mentioned before, it's defense and attack are its best qualities, having a base stat total of 530. It can not mega evolve. Feraligatr's stats Just like Blastoise, a safe pokemon to use if you don't know what to expect from the opponent. Its Torrent

Jul 27, 2013 Typhlosion or Charizard? 2 votes. 27, 763 views. I'm choosing a Fire type starter Pokemon to put in my team. I can't choose whether to pick Charizard or Typhlosion. Please put a good moveset next to your suggestion. Typhlosion and Charizard both got the same EV with total of 534. pokemon feraligatr vs typhlosion

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