Pokemon sapphire return blue orb

2020-04-01 17:51

Oct 23, 2007 Pokemon Emerald Mt. Pyre and The Blue Orb The Red Orb wwe756. lets play pokemon emerald pt 19 Blue and Red orbs missing! . mp4 Duration: Pokemon Sapphire Part 26 Chasing Team Aqua1. What will happen if I return the blue orb to the old woman at Mt. Pyre after I calmed kyogre? Will I benefit from it or will nothing happen? 2. . , Pokemon Sapphire pokemon sapphire return blue orb

I have 7 badges and have been to every city apart from Ever Grande City. I recieved the blue orb from this old couple and I have to find the red one. . , Pokemon Sapphire Questions and

Mar 19, 2003 For Pokemon Sapphire Version on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs Answers question titled What do I do after going to Mt. Pyre and getting the blue orb? . Pokemon RubySapphireEmerald Walkthrough: Lilycove CityMt. Pyre and Route 122Route 123Route 124 and Route 125Shoal Cave. Lilycove City. Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and you'll find your rival in front of the Lilycove Department Store behind the Pokemon Center.pokemon sapphire return blue orb Get the remainig orb, and actually in Pokemon ruby is the red orb and sapphire is blue because it said in my Pokemon sapphire ruby. share with friends Share to:

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