Helix fossil pokemon diamond

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Apr 22, 2007 For Pokemon Diamond Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled How can I get the Helix Fossil? .InDepth Effect: When taken to Cinnabar Museum in Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed& LeafGreen, or Oreburgh Museum in Diamond, Pearl& Platinum or Pewter Museum in HeartGold& SoulSilver, this fossil will be revived into the Pokmon Omanyte. helix fossil pokemon diamond

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The Helix Fossil is a fossil that Omanyte can be resurrected from. You can get the Helix Fossil in underground in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The Helix fossil can also be obtained in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, through smashing breakable rocks in the Ruins of Alph and other places. Also you can get the Armor Fossil& Skull Fossil depending on your version at any time. However unlike in past games, you can have any number of these fossils on you so you can go revive 20 Omanytes or Anoriths if you do so wish. The other thing you will find is the currency of the Underground; Spheres.helix fossil pokemon diamond A fossil of an ancient, seafloordwelling POKMON. It appears to be part of a seashell. Emerald: A piece of an ancient marine POKMONs seashell. Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver: A fossil of an ancient Pokmon that lived in the sea. It appears to be part of a seashell. Black

Jul 13, 2008 Best Answer: Ok, there are actually quite a few fossils in Pokemond Diamond and Pearl. For most of the fossils, though, you have to have gotten the National Pokedex, which is gotten by SEEING all 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. After you get 149 entries, Fly to Celestic Town and talk to the Town Elder helix fossil pokemon diamond the Pokemon that comes out of helix fossil is omantye, which it then involves into omastyer or whatever it's name is because i forgot how to spell it. Anyhow the Pokemon that comes out of helix

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