Dp 171 pokemon

2020-04-01 19:32

Pokemon Diamond& Pearl (Dub) Episode 171. Pokemon Diamond& Pearl (Dub) Episode 171 at gogoanimeThere's a pun going on here that the dub didn't bother to translate. In the Japanese version, Momoan states that the rains of hikari (or light ) are shining like an aurora and are the perfect Appeal for someone named Hikari. The dub could have given us a pun involving the word dawn, but I guess they felt that one Dawn pun per episode (in this case, the episode's title) was good enough. dp 171 pokemon

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Pokemon Diamond& Pearl (Dub) Episode 171. Please scroll down for servers choosing, thank you. DiamondPearl PokdexBlackWhite PokdexX& Y PokdexSun& Moon PokdexLet's Go Pokdex AttackdexGen 1 AttackdexGen 2 AttackdexGen 3 AttackdexGen 4 AttackdexGen 5 AttackdexGen 6 AttackdexGen 7 Attackdex ItemDex Pokarth Abilitydex SpinOff Pokdex SpinOff Pokdex DP SpinOff Pokdex BW Cardex Cinematic Pokdex Game Mechanicsdp 171 pokemon

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