Berry master emerald pokemon sayings

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Nov 24, 2014 For Pokemon Omega Ruby on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Berry Master Wife Sayings .Mar 19, 2003 For Pokemon Ruby Version on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Rare berry from berry master's wife? . berry master emerald pokemon sayings

The Blend Master (Japanese: Blend Master) is a nonplayer character in Pokmon Emerald. . He appears in Lilycove Contest Hall on occasion, and his presence is announced by Pokmon News. He replaces the typical character at the Berry Blender. He is much more skilled than the NPC he replaces, and so blending with him usually results in very high level Pokblocks as he

Tell the Berry Master's Wife these phrases to receive these following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day! Pamtre Berry: say [uCHA. . , Pokemon Emerald Gameboy Advance The Berry Master is a gameexclusive male character who can be found in Generation II, III, and IV games. He is an expert in growing Berries and will give some to the player as gifts. This article is a stub. Please help the Pokmon Wiki by expanding it. The player and the Berry Masterberry master emerald pokemon sayings Austin (austinli1 hotmail. com) October 16, 2005 Pokemon Emerald GAMEBOYA Berry Master's Wife Passwords Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only

Jul 07, 2013 This is the Pokmon Traveler's Guide Emerald walkthrough. In this part we explore route 123, and pay a little visit to the Berry Master. Important phrases to tell the Berry Master's wife: GREAT berry master emerald pokemon sayings In Pokemon Emerald, the Berry Master lives in a house on Route 123. Every day he will give the player two random berries, and every dayhis wife will give the player one berry if they tell her Aug 04, 2011 Best Answer: You mean the Blend Master? His Pokeblocks increase the conditions of your Pokemon by a lot, since, if I remember, he puts in some of the best berries you can get in the game, such as Pamtre Berry, which he uses if you use a berry high in dryness, which makes the flavor be very strongly dry. He Berry Master Wife Sayings; The Berry Master's wife returns from the original Ruby and Sapphire, trying to figure out the first word of a specific phrases. If the player inputs the correct word that fits the phrase, the Berry Master's wife will award the player with a rare berry. The phrases are pretty much the same from the original Ruby and Jun 29, 2005 quote Pokemon Emerald Faqs from Gamefaqs. com. 6. From man who live in LILYCOVE CITY on top of ledges who talk about his suit Can you get it from the wife of Berry Master? If so, what sayings?

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