Pokemon magic bounce trick

2020-04-01 15:13

Jan 08, 2014 Well what would happen if Magic Bounce did reflect Trick? Would Trick just bounce back at the user, forcing them to switch their item with the target, rather than the target switching their item with the user? This. The result is the same either way.In battle. Magic Bounce cannot reflect a move if the Pokmon with Magic Bounce is immune to it due to its type or species (e. g. a Groundtype Pokmon targeted by Thunder Wave, or Dugtrio targeted by Telekinesis) or is protected from that move. Magic Bounce pokemon magic bounce trick

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Nov 08, 2013  Best Answer: Magic Bounce is Espeon's hidden ability so one way is you can find a hidden ability Eevee in a Friend Safari. Eevee's hidden ability is Anticipation. An Eevee with Anticipation will be capable of evolving into an Espeon with the Magic Bounce ability. Additionally you 85 rows  Magic Bounce Details Pokmon. Powder 20 100 The user covers the target in apokemon magic bounce trick Magic Bounce ( Magic Mirror) is an ability naturally exclusive to Mega Pokmon, introduced in Generation V. Six Pokmon have this ability, three are Mega Pokmon.

Aug 31, 2012 Hello, I know this question is old but I could use a more detailed answer for my Mega Absol in Doubles, so I'll try and give a good list of Status Moves that are NOT affected by Magic Bounce (other than selfaffecting moves like Swords Dance, weatherterrain moves, moves like Trick Room, or moves that benefit all Pokemon on your team such as Safeguard or Wide Guard): pokemon magic bounce trick

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