Pokemon global link trade station

2020-04-02 09:25

With the release of Pokmon Sun and Pokmon Moon, the Pokmon Global Link (PGL) will end its current Pokmon Omega Ruby, Pokmon Alpha Sapphire, Pokmon X, and Pokmon Y service. The PGL service will be updated to work with Pokmon Sun and Pokmon Moon. . After the current PGL service ends, you won't be able to link Pokmon Omega Ruby, Pokmon Alpha Sapphire, PokmonSITE PokemonGTS. com is& always has been powered by MyBB. Graphics& theme(s) are customized work by staff of PokemonGTS. com. All themes are originally based off 2JR's work. And many of our features are exclusively developed for our community such as; PokeTrade, PokeLeague, & pokemon global link trade station

Depending on where you reside and the region of your Nintendo 3DS system, the membership site you must sign up with in order to use the Pokmon Global Link will be different. Please choose the appropriate region and language from the list above.

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